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Bon Appetite


Worship - Holy Way Style

(2011 - A tradition of Interactive Worship)

Greater Works

(2011 - In search of a Greater understanding)

Unity in the Body of Christ

(2010 - New light on an Old Theme)



A Prophetic Company

(1997 - Prophetic Teaching, by Ed Stube)



New Testament Patterns Still Work

(1993 - A short 2 page encourager)

About the Holy Way

(1992 General Info & Book list)



Holy Convocation 1982

(An 8 page Summary of the USA Retreat)

Herry Stube testimony - The Call

(From a 1981 Newsletter)

New Directions

(Insert in a 1981 Newsletter)

Effective Intercession

(1979 Point form Notes on Intercession)

Love Shall Wax Cold

(1978 Sermon like article by Jerimia Rim)

1978 Bible Camp

(Renewing the Builders - A Summary)

1977 Training Centre Brochure

(Updated edition of earlier version)

1973 LBTC Annual Report

(A snap shot of a busy year)

1972 Bible Camp Summary

(From the Nov-1972 Newsletter)

Gifts and Ministries

(A 4-page overview by Edwin Stube)

Early 1970's Training Centre Booklet

(The first Training Centre Booklet including

summaries of the vision and expectations)

A Call To Battle (Book Summary)

(A summary of the 1972 LBTC Bible Camp)

How To Pray (Early 1970 version)
How To Pray (Later Version)
(Teaching Flyer/Tract, by Ed Stube)

Dealing with Magic Charms

(From the Oct-1970 Newsletter)

Evangelism in Kalimantan

(Detailed report of a Mission Trip)

The Wonderful Works of the Spirit

An article by Edwin Stube, published in,

the Overseas Mission Review of

"FEB 13, 1968. Vol. XIII No.2 Epiphany 1968"

Praying For Missionaries

(By Alfred Street)

Praying For Missionaries

(By Jessie Pen-Lewis)

The Holy Way (& Ed Stube) believed in systematic teaching, he combined the freedom of the Spirit with a healthy amount of meaty teaching, worship, and action . . .

(Ps. Spencer)

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