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"A highway shall be there and it shall be called the Holy Way"  Isaiah  35:8  

The Holy Way also has a long heritage of teaching that can be traced back to the very beginnings of the Charismatic movement in the late 1950s.

Ed Stube believed in systematic teaching, he combined the freedom of the Spirit with a healthy amount of meaty teaching. As far as he was concerned, Jesus did it that way, and there has been no good reason to change a New Testament Pattern that worked so well. All the Bible Training Centres were set up that way, and this legacy lives on today with those that hold firm to this vision.

With the history of The Holy Way in mind, it is will not be a surprise that many teaching, and information items listed here (on the right) were at some time part of a newsletter, were expanded on, or were simply found "as is" in the archive materials. I sincerely  recommend them for encouragement and upbuilding.

(Ps. Spencer)

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