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Bon Appetite

1975 Series - According to the Pattern

Recorded in Melbourne Australia

1975  Tape1 (Missing in action)

1975  T-12  Side-1 Side-2

Prayer & Effective Ministry

1975  T-13  Side-1 Side-2

Biblical Ideas on Evangelism

1975  T-14  Side-1 Side-2

The Relationship of the
Holy Spirit to Evangelism

1975  T-15  Side-1 Side-2

The Relationship of the
Prayer to Evangelism


Audio Music

Organ Music: OMa-1, OMa-2,
OMa-3, OMa-4, OMt-1, OMt-2

Ed Stube playing various pieces
** some of these must be rehearsal tapes **

St. Timothy's Choir: Tc-1, Tc-2

1997 - Ed Stube on organ, as Choir Master - Cassette Cover (inc. program details)


Ed Stube believed in systematic teaching, he combined the freedom of the Spirit with a healthy amount of meaty teaching.
(Enjoy! -- Ps. Spencer)

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