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"A highway shall be there and it shall be called the Holy Way"  Isaiah  35:8  

The Holy Way has a long heritage of teaching and worship, but unfortunately Ed Stube was really not interested in recording himself.  No doubt a by-product of having a very humble nature, but there are a few recordings available.

His style of relaxed delivery, freedom in the Spirit  and meaty teaching makes for an interesting combination. He had a fairly relaxed teaching style. You could even say super relaxed! However he could also fire up when prompted by the spirit.

Fortunately I kept 4 excellent teaching tapes from 1975 when I first met Ed, these are now transferred to MP3. It is a pity that much of the available material was poorly recorded, and then poorly copied. I have removed as much hum and hiss as is humanly possible, and some of the results are not bad.

To wet your appetite here are some short tasters:

No More Big Shots  || Spiritual Sunday School  ||  Obedience  ||  Small Groups

Beginnings:  The Training Center  ||  Early Campaigns

As part of The Holy Way heritage, it is only right that the voice of Ed Stube (and his Organ playing) should be available to all on line. I sincerely  recommend these recordings (all in MP3 format) for encouragement and upbuilding.   (Ps. Spencer)

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